Home is the place where You feel the Spirit of Your ancestors alive, well and powerfull in the faces of Your children and their children – deciding their destiny for eternity. Indigenous People of Baltic Sea Region and the World, know Your rights! Get off Your knees, rise and live! We do not need much – just what is basic and what is ours. Get the parameters here and get in controle of Your Life! The Gods are with Us!


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The-Common-Law-Courts-BSIC-min Programme 1-7.06 CNWarS Kriminalisera AtomKrigets System konference X CNWS VII sv mars FINAL deklarācija_cnws_iv__oxo LV Resolution CNWS I final X Декларация_распоряжение_5   Foundation of Baltic Sea Indigenous Order ”Insamlingsstiftelsen för Urfolk af Östersjöväldet”. Stiftelsens engelska namn är ”Foundation of Baltic Sea Indigenous Order”. U P P R O P Det är angeläget att öka … Continue reading BSIC

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