Home is the place where You feel the Spirit of Your ancestors alive, well and powerfull in the faces of Your children and their children – deciding their destiny for eternity. Indigenous People of Baltic Sea Region and the World, know Your rights! Get off Your knees, rise and live! We do not need much – just what is basic and what is ours. Get the parameters here and get in controle of Your Life! The Gods are with Us!

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Truth Commission of Earth Wide Godland provides 2020 data, on Crude Death Rates World Wide, purchased fr UN data agency, that proves that there was no pandemic on Earth 2020 Below is the order of Earths Humanites Highest Commanders and Chiefs Ditta and Leif of Godland for Take Back of Swedish Police and Arrest of … Continue reading TakeBacks


Indigenous courts protected by local Indigenous Rulers in every State are a crucial replacement of Babylonian corporate courts of Siccode.com Roman law Roman Empire global papacies totalitarian regime through a global register of Babylonian Commerce Slave Codes well described by Charles Bruce Stewart  babylonian commerce slave codes Indigenous State Rulers reregister all companies loyal to … Continue reading BSIC

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