The rights of indigenous peoples

Challenging crown princess Victoria of Sweden on her 40th anniversary

KR Sv Vic 40 DLoG

Nordea destroyed Baltic Sea Indigenous Oak tempel of Latvian Society in Ropaži anyway – as Jesuits have destroyed all natives tempels

To NORDEA BANK AB annual meeting

Indigenous Decentralisation documents from Ditta of Godland

Nordea 16.3.17 signed o

Urfolks rättigheter

Deklaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples

Första beslut i Criminalise Nuclear War Systems (CNWS) av Baltic Sea Indigenous Court  (BSIC) urfolks ting som är attackerad och kan inte längre fyllas på.

Urfolks meditation

“First of all, I urge you to cast off your fears. Leave at home the kind of defense, constant control, and fear with which you have traveled so far. Arrive at the site, among the flowers and caress them. Just sit in the grass and feel this divine state. Arrive into the sanctuary. Then I ask you to forgive yourself and others. Step inside the shrine and meditate. Listen to the sound of cosmic creation, return to the womb. Be reborn without pain, sadness or any kind of compliance. Just listen, be the witness, the observer. Do not judge, just listen, flow with the nature, wave with the wind. Just be in the moment, just be. Become who you are. Then start singing…”


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