Indigenous courts protected by local Indigenous Rulers in every State are a crucial replacement of Babylonian corporate courts of Roman law Roman Empire global papacies totalitarian regime through a global register of Babylonian Commerce Slave Codes well described by Charles Bruce Stewart  babylonian commerce slave codes

Indigenous State Rulers reregister all companies loyal to indigenous people of the state by collecting the indigenous and state citisens loyal company lists from Local Indigenous Rulers.

Indigenous World Order Court of Godland was established at Disa/Laima 12018 out of the work of ten konferences/courts of the Baltic Sea Indigenous Court (BSIC) – quaterly held fr June 12015 to December 12017 and even depicted on and playlists of Youtube channel RadioactiveBSR

To establish local Indigenous Court  You need to find Your  wise and loving Indigenous Rulers and help them re-establish Indigenous Courts and Banks, that are recognised by the Diarch of Godland according to constituting acts of Indigenous World Order of Godland, IWOCG, and Indigenous World Order Bank of Godland, IWOBG.

The founding document of Indigenous World Order Court of Godland, 15.5.18 update XXX 15.5.18. STATUTE Indigenous World Order COURT of Godland

Constituting act of IWOBank of Godland, update 15.5.18 Indigenous W Order Bank 11.06.17. ACT 6 Indigenous World Order Bank of Godland, IWOBG, page is on subpage OXA

On The Rights of Godlanders and Baltic Sun Model  The Rights of Godlanders 15.5.18.

Common law court mannual The-Common-Law-Courts-BSIC-min


Verdicts and arrest warrants

Communication to Swedish Finance Inspection authority business company on nationalisation of all Swedish private banks back into the protection of the state Kingdom of Sweden that is being restored by Monarch of Monarchy State Sweden – Leif the Ist, aka konn of Indigenous World Order of Godland in diarchy with Ditta of Godland, even director of the Indigenous World Order Bank of Godland, as well as the Nationalised Swedish Banks Estate for Peoples State of Kingdom of Sweden. In Swedish, until other document fr page 23 on communication to Swedish Telecommunications and Post Agency on ECNRR reform of Basic Safety Standard of Electromagnetic Radiation Risk levels letter fr 8.3.19 in English  Till Haninges och Sveriges förvaltare 8.4.19

common law arrest warrant 188 BSIC central banks

Verdict /present to Swedish central bank Sveriges Riksbank on its 350 year yubilee IWOCG Verdict-present organises true central banking 25.5.18

BSIC X nr 5 court Verdict BSIC X verdict 5 on 20.5.18

First BSIC court  (1)2015 Programme 1-7.06 CNWarS

Kriminalisera AtomKrigets System konference X


deklarācija_cnws_iv__oxo LV

Resolution CNWS I final X


The silent and lawful mass murderers witnessed by

Deep investigation of worldwide totalitarian racist and occult mass murderer sect of false money and any government structure treasonous corruption organiser mafia, published 1978 in NY – Britain´s Opium War Against the US, describes the war mangler dynasties and their armies still conspiring against the whole world establishing NWO, the main parts of the book on link

The holy father Lars Rutger of Godland is the chief of Indigenous World Order Court of Godland (previous involvement in ) and is reached at  See holy father Lars Rutger of Godland investigating the apocaliptic crimes of church and corporations that steel the states from the people and commit genocide and democide untamed, due to lack of gift economy and loveorder.

Foundation of Baltic Sea Indigenous Order

”Insamlingsstiftelsen för Urfolk af Östersjöväldet”. Stiftelsens engelska namn är ”Foundation of Baltic Sea Indigenous Order”.


Det är angeläget att öka möjlighterna för Östersjöregionens urfolk att kunna leva enligt sitt eget sed i sina egna traditionella sociala och ekonomiska system.

I detta syfte har vi bildat ”Insamlingsstiftelsen för urfolk af Östersjöväldet”. Stiftelsen skall tillgodose sitt syfte genom att med sina samlade resurser antingen bedriva eller ge bidrag till främjandet av urfolks rättigheter.

Stiftelsen stödjer främst Östersjöregionens urfolks rättigheterna att kunna leva inom egna traditionella sociala och ekonomiska system som kan innebära:

– att få utbildning i traditionell sed och urfolks rättigheter,

– att bo tryggt på förfädernas mark,

– att kunna leva i släktsamhällen och prioritera familjelivet,

– att syssla med traditionella yrken,

– att arbeta inom gåvoekonomi,

– att utöva tro enligt forn sed,

– att ha egna sociala och ekonomiska system moderniserade,

– att ha bra hälsovård,

– att skydda urfolk etnogenetiskt från genocid och democid.

För att uppnå urfolks rättigheter verställda kan stiftelsen driva skolor, bygga kapell, etablera banker och försäkringsbolag samt andra nödvändigeter.

För att säkerställa urfolks rättigheterna ska Baltic Sun modellen med 14 kvalitets parametrar användas som metodik för verkställandet och kontrollen.

Vi ingår i insamlingsstiftelsens första styrelse.

Som stiftare vädjar vi härmed genom detta upprop om bidrag till stiftelsen. Bidrag till stiftelsen inbetalas lämpligen till bankgirokonto eller plusgirokonto som meddelas via webbsida LoveOrder.INFO

Stockholm den 22 januari 2017

Ditta Rietuma                      Johannes Vestly

Martins Ots


Nuremberg II of Godland Jordbro proceedings on execution of Humanity by Injections and stealth of all wealth

The Courts of Godland give Amnesty, Rehabilitation, and All Rights of Godlanders to all sinsere open source evidence providers of Truth Statements of Death Cult systems within their scope, even to the perpetrators. The inquisitorial prison system is being dismantled.

Proceedings start with a Resource revision meeting of Reformed Swedish Churh, that performes the Take Back of all stolen resaurces of Humanity from international AI digital mega conglamerat Black Rock owners, firstly investigating who are these amazing people.

Swedish call for the holy suspects and victims, both sides of martyrs of dying Humanity, to appear to the Court of Godland in Jordbro, Sweden 15.8.21. at 15.00 Jordbro Churh.  Summons for Black Rock (Netherlands) B.V. Stockholm Filial CEO and V CEO


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