Diarchy of Godland / Östersjöväldet

Love Order is a systemised love order concept of Indigenous Peoples of Baltic Sea region, world and universe, for all. It got originally provided by the konna  – Ditta af Godland / ÖstersjöVäldet. Ditta´s timely name is Ditta Rietuma. She is of Latvian and Swedish origin. Ditta of Godland / ÖstersjöVäldet is a protector of all living forms and matters, and accepts scollars.

Godland / ÖstersjöVäldet got extended into a diarchy where the rulers are Ditta and Leif  of Godland / ÖstersjöVäldet, as Ditta crowned Leif Erlingsson to ease the weight on their shoulders 10.6.12017.

Ditta af Godland proclaimed Indigenous World Order reestablished summer 12016 (10´added indigenous) and at Laimas 12017 emited the first quadrillion of Baltic Indigenous Runes for the needs of all systems of life of mother Earth to be thrived into balance. Ditta gained Heart of the World title at UN Uranium weapons genocide council hearing 2010 in Geneve  https://youtu.be/wtlVeuhTEwE  

Ditta´s of Godland proclamation document of Godland  dittas-proclamation-of-godland

Videos of event 11.6.17 in holy Jordbro of Scandinavia


Diarchs on founding documents

Diarchy of Godland manifest, declaration and charter I DLoG Man Dekl Char PDF 11.6.17 o

Video of Diarchs pledging loyalty to all living on mother Earth, singing on ancient rune stones  and dancing on Jordbro mound   https://youtu.be/psdrTOHwy8c

Recently at the conference on Security Chalenges in the Baltic Sea Region 22.4.17 Ditta of Godland granted Björn von Sydow , the Swedish chair of NATO parliamentary assembly and member of Swedish War Delegation and the NATO tops, one trillion Baltic Indigenous Runes (1 BIR = 1 Euro), for the purpose of Indigenous Decentralisation of all the planetary military forces back into their homes and their families. Document scans Est NATO Björn 22.4.17

Indigenous Decentralisation and Baltic Sun Model

7.3.12017 the document kit proclaiming indigenous stakeholder rights and Indigenous Decentralisation Warrant was given to Baltic Sea Future congres in Stockholm with 1500 Baltic Sea municipalities reached and HM Crown Princes Victoria of Swedish parliamentary monarchy as the protector of this congres. Documents D G Ind Dec BSFcong 7.3.17

See more on Ditta´s previous work of protection of Life Systems by networks, conferences and Baltic Ses Indigenous Courts on  www.bsrrw.org  as in CNWS IV  You can wittnes on https://youtu.be/8pRaB1w3TY0  and visit Youtube chanel Baltic Sea Indigenous or  Östersjö Väldet

While New World Order globalisers are destroying the Univers with Nuclear War and Anti Matter created administrative systems, Indigenous Love Order is there for us to decentralise the mad corporations and restore the divine order of Love, Peace and Understanding.

SOLUTION. Ditta af Godland / ÖstersjöVäldet

Indigenous recovery concept for any Nation
To stop the process of destruction of all living systems we protect the nations by vitalising the bond nations have with their roots, their divinities. We are uniting indigenous minds and their warm hearts. This is a universal non-political program network to balance the resources of every nation to the well-being and independence. The wise elders are uniting in all fields of resourcefullness aproaching the professionals – economists, lawyers, ecologists, farmers, programmers, statisticians, physicists, mathematicians, officers and generals, managers, philosophers, psychologists and psychiatrists, doctors … – To structurise the System administration in accordance with the divine laws of the loving creators – the Gods.

Baltic Sun Model.


Scientific, non-political, non-religious, universal model.
A tool for peaceful self-improvement and check up.
 The Compass of 14 Basic Rays of Indigenous Rights and Obligations in the National Competence Solar Structure for National Welfare.
Objective: To create a system design where the nation thrives.
Method:  Start National Indigenous Institutions to protect the Nation in all of 14 functions. Activisation in the natural Universal Solar System where the strongest heat and light source supports all life by the 14 rays of the BSM.

1st      WORK     Leaving behind the dominance of the pyramidal (slaves, slave drivers, slave owners) and becoming freeholders.  Person/family/tribe/nation uses systems that leads to ecological welfare. Secret “societies and governments” liberate themselves from their dark duties and are rewarded with block out of the dooms day.

 2nd     LAWS   National Constitution and its rules and laws rejustified to the rights of Indigenous Peoples– the Election Law, Agrarian Reform, Tax, Export Tariffs, land and property Nationalisation Law from foreigners if necesserry. Disclosure of illussion of power of current political party system. Restauration of the constitutional state of the Nation including restaured law systems of indigenous peoples. Nations Heart Tribunal is established with all groups of the Nation represented where unconstitutional develpments are exposed in a transparent information panel awailable to all in the Nation. War is criminalised.

3rd    SECURITY    State care guaranteeing the resident welfare through the scientifically based computer program budget, that provides basic social security for everyone.  National population identification for protection of any ethnogenetical people. Basic welfare income.

4th    MONEY    National commercial bank restoration, the independence status of the national currency updated, printed on the territory of the Nation. Bretton Woods 2 international agreement to free global bank cartell and let it enjoy vacation. Several security levels, as – if national currency system fails local communities are to create regional money and indigenous money. Here are the instruments to support nations exchange of goods and services to the level of abundance and welfare.

5th   ARMS     Environmental and military protection of the nation. Realisation of the existential threats in the environment of the Nation. Indigenous peoples negotiations and contracts with the military and global power structures. Systems that protect all in the structure of 14 rays and the system itself.

6th    BALANCE   Peace, harmony, balance. Balance between the internal and external. Harmony is in peace within ourselves and with the others, in self-sufficiency and unity, as well as in the understanding and acceptance, where fear, manipulation and lies are left within the filter. Balances all 14 rays.

7th   FERTILITY     National health and existence. National programs for return to the lands of predecessors and rehabilitation of ancient and modern peoples of the Nation. National population recovery and growth. Fertility is cherished and families thrive. 

8th    IDENTITY    National ethnical culture league. National Codex and it´s National Network. Conscious Identity and Loyalty. National culture as the center of the ethnical culture flower for all different ethnical resident groups of the Nation. Structure of various types of Nations: ethnical, genetical, geografical, professional…

 9th    RESOURCES   Nation´s  land and property, industrial and manufacturing sector Inventory and the use in the  interests of the nation. National basic self-providing internal market and labor market. Return to life in Nature. Decentralisation. Housing is free for the Indigenous and Citizens. 

 10th   ENERGY   Environmentally friendly modern Energy and responsible use of the natural resources, which ensures their protection even for future generations. Everybody in the Nation gets certain quota of energy supply free.

11th    EDUCATION   Life Long Education Programme, contributing to a rich spiritual world and warm community culture, providing abundance. Nations indigenous peoples calendar among others. Nations Indigenous history as the core of structure of the divine order.

 12th    NETWORK   Peoples Media Net and Open Source Systems program where each resident may leave recommendations for improving the system of the National State. Fills the 14 rays with wisdom of the Nation. The wise elders of Indigenous people of each Nation are an Independant councel that manages and directs the structures. Is the basic instrument through which the representatives of the Nation controle the state. Everybody in the Nation gets certain quota of communiction supply free.

13th   CONTROLE     National controle of the state apparatus by Indigenous Councel and the Parlament. Systemised structure that preserves National interests, principles, objectives, examines the mass media, controls government and parliamentary work, effectively providing for the national sovereign power to belong to the people of the Nation”.

14th   LOVE    Love – of the country and the people. I  love myself /you / the world as the grass grows and your /  the world´s love is filling me. Only all peoples of the the Nation loving have acces to decission levels in the territory of the Nation. All people in the teritory of the Nation are loved. Death cult and occult rituals with blood, flesh and sacrifice of living creatures are forbidden.