Oxa gifts of Godland

Oxa gift economy is an alternative to Babylonian corporatocracy of Siccode.com global slavery to Roman papacy babylonian commerce slave codes  .To establish oxa You need to find Your  wise and loving Indigenous Rulers and help them re-establish Indigenous Courts and Banks, that are recognised by the Diarch of Godland according to constituting acts of Indigenous World Order Bank of Godland, IWOBG, and Indigenous World Order Court of Godland, IWOCG.

Constituting act of IWOB  Indigenous W Order Bank 11.06.17. ACT 6

Indigenous World Order Court of Godland, IWOCG, page is on subpage BSIC XXX 15.5.18. STATUTE Indigenous World Order COURT of Godland

Indigenous World Order Bank (IWOB) of Godland is an oxa bank of gift economy and it withholds the quadrillion World Indigenous Runes (WIR/BIR for Baltic sea area) shared by the 7 billion humans of our beloved mother Earth. Each one of You is an, in global Godland proclaimed, Energiser shareholder of 142 billion WIR (1 WIR = 1 Euro). Your and others oxa billion assets are being managed only by the loving and capable until You claim them and proove You are alive, loving and capable to establish an all-inclusive thriving solution for other Energisers and all the life forms, not only for Yourself.

Indigenous OXA is the real, just and divine means of exchange that is created by each indigenous human themselves (as the beloved creation of the loved creator) and it is registered at Your local indigenous society/cooperative. It is backed by the very life and spirit of each creator of it and for which it is created. Oxa is the true money that is created by the indigenous for themselves and their trustees and it can not be debt, but is a measure of Godlanders Divine Rights to the resources of their predecessors and their right to care for their mother – the Earth.

IWOB was created 11.6.(1)2017 when Ditta and Leif of Godland manifested to have legaly closed all of the business corporations of the world for being registered in the system of massmurderous war economy of occult papal DNB.com based on occult petroil dollar that is fake money owned by irresponsible private companies like FED and BIS.org mass murdering most of the worlds population through the weapon of mass destruction – digital chip cards and bitcoins controled by anonymous and irresponsible Artificial Intelligence, that is an unlawfull and unhuman dangerous entity.

As all the states have been stolen through private business corporatisation of public institutions, all the valuable activities and organisations have now to be very carefully and LOVINGLY reorganised into structures loyal to local indigenous societies. This is done through local indigenous courts of heart conciousness – no Roman law lawyers allowed. Carefull care and rehabilitation of masses of biorobotised people is achieved as the load of work on everybodies sholders is minimised but wealth is secured and distributed to each Energiser lovingly.

Ditta and Leif of Godland are responsible visible alive diarchs of Godland and managers of the Indigenous World Order Bank (IWOB) of Godland that is registered at Baltic Sea Indigenous Court in Jordbro, Sweden.

War economy slavery era ends when You – organise Yourselves or the Indigenous around You into indigenous societies  (that are even courts with indigenous judges) and pledge oath of reliability to each other anf Your mother – the Earth.

Indigenous society in any place on mother Earth shall contact Indigenous World Order Bank (IWOB) of Godland to register the use of OXA and start reporting the amounts created to the Treasurer of IWOB, Martin Ots, at ourfolket@gmail.com. Ajust the form below to match Your indigenous cooperative and learn the indigenous to start creating their own oxa every month to cover their Bas, Pro, Edu, Pen, Reh etc incomes and the income for their crucial people, including their representatives.

Translate this Swedish form X Oxa WIR konvert SW till kommun fullm ordf

How to use indigenous oxa

If You are indigenous man or woman whose tribe has kept the sacred culture and ethnogenetics of Your indigenous people intact since times of Ur, and at least 9 generations, You are legitimate to fill the indigenous order forms. Pledge loyalty to local indigenous society and its court and get by You created oxa accounted with indigenous society where You stay. Local councils parliament is the closest to the local tribunal that has to proove councils legitimacy with the indigenous people and not vica versa. Leader of the local parliament has to get Your oxa converted to the money used in shops or councils activities are illegitimate. All money has to be reorganised to be backed by real alive value of energy of living men and women or it is fraudulent, null and void. This process is managed by the sacred indigenous leaders spreading welfare, love and peace.

Download oxa forms, adjust them to your needs, and let the indigenous society  report on monthly bases the amounts of oxa created to the Treasurer of IWOB, Martin Ots, at ourfolket@gmail.com

oxa money 2 sided

oxa money X Pro Edu 3 4

Oxa back 4

Oxa back 5 Ind Dec

oxa money Care Reh Pen

oxa money X Ind Dec St Down defence

Swedish. OXA checkar i monetära systemet av Birka WIR World Indigenous Runes
Sammanförande blankett av alla oxa sorter fr WIHLOBank of Godland RunRiksBanken https://loveorder.files.wordpress.com/2023/03/final-23-x-oxa-wir-konvert-sw-till-kommun-fullm-ordf.pdf
oxa check svensk 1 månads 2 tilläggs  oxa-check-svenska-1-2.pdf
oxa check svensk 3 Professionell 4 Urbildnings  oxa-check-3-4-svenska.pdf
oxa check 5 Omsorg 6 Pension svensk  oxa-check-5-Oms-6-Pens-svenska.pdf
oxa check 7 Rehabilitering 8 Investering svensk  oxa-check-7-Reh-8-Inv-svenska.pdf
oxa check 9 Decentralisering 10 Statsförsvar 11 Tillbakadragande svenska  oxa-check-9-Dec-10-St-f-11-St-D-svenska.pdf
oxa check 12 Kompensation 13 Mark förvaltning 14 Andliga rum svensk  oxa-check-12-Komp-13-Mark-14-Ande-svenska.pdf
Oxa check SW 2. sidan  Oxa-check-SW-2.-sidan.pdf
Oxa check SW 2. sidan stat  Oxa-check-SW-2.-sidan-stat.pdf

Återtag av världens all egendom och tillgång för urfolks kärleksordning på tre språk.

Order på Engelska den 5 augusti -19 översatt till Svenska och den Engelskspråkiga ordern, båda bokförda av Lars Rutger av Gudalandet, samt dess översättning till Lettiska veifierad av Ditta av Gudalandet.  Denna order gäller hela världens all egendom och tillgång för urfolks kärleksordnings avtalande för återtag av alla stater och urfolks egendommar — 3_languages_decree_by_Leif_of_G_5.9.19_summed_20210131__ebook_resolution.pdf .  (Full teknisk upplösning, större fil:  3_languages_decree_by_Leif_of_G_5.9.19_summed_20210131.pdf .)

I dokumentet finns även oxa checkar för återtag av Norges och Sveriges POLISMYNDIGHET, som vägrade ta emot den, varmed Polisens resursförvaltning hamnade i Ditta av Gudalandets kassa, likväl som Norges.  Ditta av Gudalandet, Rut och Abraham från Afrika hade en ritual vid Gula Tinget i Bergen i Norge vid full måne någon dag runt 8 januari 2020, och återtog där Norge i urfolks rätt, video finns men f.n. ej upplagd på nätet.

Omorganisation av svenska domstolar och domare till domarringar och validering av Sveriges domare och domstolarnas bolag till urfolk trogna.

Finansiella instrument i samband med förhandlingen om vårdnad och hemtagning av Anton i Eskilstuna 17.12.20 och 22.1.21. där denna fil utgör några av de inlämnade dokument som innebär att bolagsrekonstruktionsavgiftsbelopp hos SD erlagts genom oxa check värd 290 WIR, eller 2900 SEK, för rekonstruktion av SVERIGES DOMSTOLAR.  Samt en karvstock om 124.000 WIR inlämnad till Rebecka Wiking och Nils Cederstierna som investering för omorganisation till domarringar och validering av Sveriges domare till urfolk trogna och verifering av domstolarnas bolag till urfolk trogna. — X_alla_financial_instruments_of_DR_to_Esk_tr_17.12.20.pdf .

Dokumentuppsättningar grundläggande för återtag genom urfolksföreningar till världens människor av piraterna stulna resursregister och finanssystem.

The Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority

Current indigenous monarch of Sweden – Leif I – nationalised all banks in Sweden, 8.4.19, due to war crimes, for reparations

Communication to Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority business company on its nationalisation together with all in Sweden operating private banks back into the protection of the state Kingdom of Sweden that is being restored by Monarch of Monarchy State Sweden – Leif the Ist, aka konn of Indigenous World Order of Godland in diarchy with Ditta of Godland, even director of the Indigenous World Order Bank of Godland, as well as the Nationalised Swedish Banks Estate for Peoples State of Kingdom of Sweden.

Reform document in Swedish, until other document fr page 23 on communication to Swedish Telecommunications and Post Agency on ECNRR reform of Basic Safety Standard of Electromagnetic Radiation Risk levels decree fr 8.3.19 in English                    Till Haninges och Sveriges förvaltare 8.4.19

NATO and Russian military exercises in Baltic Sea region in September (1)2017 were part of 3rd WW to establish NWO money, but are establishing Indigenous World Order of Godland oxa instead.

20.000 military troops were in Sweden, other 20.000 are in Baltic states and Russia had at least 20.000 on the other side of the front lines. Russian media says Putin has 3.9.17 already activated the nuclear weapon system called Perimeter that will launch 11 nuclear weapons to strategic point in case he cant stop this nuclear war because of Putin death.

Sweden is not preparing its citisens for 3rd WW – the civil defence system is totaly dismantled. The digital money is a weapon of mass destruction established and inforced, creating massacre if there is electricity black out. There are no food stocks for the population in crisis and there are no rationing systems prepared. Only Mormones and Jehovas vittnesses have stocked for a year. Lokal council and civil defence in Haninge are just suggesting 72 hour preparations that may seem as maddnes itself.

Document to Civil defence society of Sweden DLoG till civil.se 5.9.17

Videos where local Haninge council bosses and Civil defence society of Sweden show their genocidal incompetence



Challenging crown princess Victoria of Sweden on her 40th anniversary

Ditta & Leif of Godland encouraged crown princess Victoria of Sweden to become the queen of the queens of the peoples in this recommended letter but Ditta & Leif of Godland did not get any answer which is a form of legal respons.

KR Sv Vic 40 DLoG

Ditta of Godland decentralises planetary military forces 22.4.(1)2017

Download Ditta of Godland orders and see Trillion BIR oxa tally stick stock to Björn von Sydow, the Chairman of Swedish Defence Commission and Chair of Swedsih Parliament delegation to NATO´s parliamentary assemly – for the purpose of Indigenous Decentralisation of all the planetary military forces back into their homes and their families.

Est NATO Björn 22.4.17 xox

To NORDEA BANK AB annual meeting

Indigenous Decentralisation documents from Ditta of Godland

Nordea 16.3.17 signed o


Oxa use video from sacred Izumi Pagan tempel in Latvia destroyed by Nordea

The Pagan Oak tempel destroyed by Nordea and other Swedish banks

The Birch hill and Laima corner of Latvian Society school in Izumi destroyed by Nordea that put indigneous home on auktion

Corporation Haninge Bostäder put indigenous out of apartment though receiving oxa worth  35 million SEK and never returning it





väl inskannaden, med kronofogdens brottsprov Tally documents SJ 23-25 fastigh HBo 25.1.16