Oxa gifts of Godland

Indigenous W Order Bank 11.06.17. ACT min

How to use indigenous oxa

If You are indigenous man or woman whose tribe has kept the sacred culture and ethnogenetics of Your indigenous people intact for at least 9 generations You are legitimate to fill the form below. Pledge loyalty to local indigenous society and its court and get by You created oxa accounted with indigenous society where You stay. Local councils parliament is the closest to the local tribunal that has to proove councils legitimacy with the indigenous people and not vica versa. Leader of the local parliament has to get Your oxa converted to the money used in shops or councils activities are illegitimate. All money has to be reorganised to be backed by real alive value of energy of living men and women or it is fraudulent, null and void. This process is managed by the sacred indigenous leaders spreading welfare, love and peace.

oxa money 2 sided

Indigenous W Order Bank 11.06.17. ACT min

NATO and Russian military exercises in Baltic Sea region in September were part of 3rd WW to establish NWO money, but are establishing Indigenous World Order of Godland oxa instead.

20.000 military troops were in Sweden, other 20.000 are in Baltic states and Russia had at least 20.000 on the other side of the front lines. Russian media says Putin has 3.9.17 already activated the nuclear weapon system called Perimeter that will launch 11 nuclear weapons to strategic point in case he cant stop this nuclear war because of Putin death.

Sweden is not preparing its citisens for 3rd WW – the civil defence system is totaly dismantled. The digital money is a weapon of mass destruction established and inforced, creating massacre if there is electricity black out. There are no food stocks for the population in crisis and there are no rationing systems prepared. Only Mormones and Jehovas vittnesses have stocked for a year. Lokal council and civil defence in Haninge are just suggesting 72 hour preparations that may seem as maddnes itself.

Document to Civil defence society of Sweden DLoG till civil.se 5.9.17

Videos where local Haninge council bosses and Civil defence society of Sweden show their genocidal incompetence



Challenging crown princess Victoria of Sweden on her 40th anniversary

Ditta & Leif of Godland encouraged crown princess Victoria of Sweden to become the queen of the queens of the peoples in this recommended letter but Ditta & Leif of Godland did not get any answer which is a form of legal respons.

KR Sv Vic 40 DLoG

Ditta of Godland decentralises planetary military forces 22.4.(1)2017

Download Ditta of Godland orders and see Trillion BIR oxa tally stick stock to Björn von Sydow, the Chairman of Swedish Defence Commission and Chair of Swedsih Parliament delegation to NATO´s parliamentary assemly – for the purpose of Indigenous Decentralisation of all the planetary military forces back into their homes and their families.

Est NATO Björn 22.4.17 xox

To NORDEA BANK AB annual meeting

Indigenous Decentralisation documents from Ditta of Godland

Nordea 16.3.17 signed o


Oxa use video from sacred Izumi Pagan tempel in Latvia destroyed by Nordea

The Pagan Oak tempel destroyed by Nordea and other Swedish banks

The Birch hill and Laima corner of Latvian Society school in Izumi destroyed by Nordea that put indigneous home on auktion

Corporation Haninge Bostäder put indigenous out of apartment though receiving oxa worth  35 million SEK and never returning it